Quality Assurance Services

Our quality assurance services will empower you to gain complete control over your product’s life cycle, oversee every development stage, and provide you with accurate product quality info. For over ten years, our quality assurance company has been using the latest technologies and practices to ensure your organization enjoys efficient performance and prime quality project implementations for your business that allows you to see solid software.

Quality Assurance Services

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Manual Testing

Amid manual testing, our quality assurance analyst checks the performance of your product on multiple devices to analyze user interface (UI) and usability (UX).

Automated Testing

Our automated testing covers nearly all the possible scenarios of software functionality before analyzing its performance on various platforms at the same time.

Desktop Solutions

Our software quality assurance engineers extensively test the architecture of your software before checking on its performance under various load conditions.

Mobile Solutions

To make sure your mobile applications work perfectly on all platforms and devices, we make sure your app's quality, usability, and security are one to the mark.

Web Solutions

From cloud to SaaS-based solutions, our quality assurance company provides reliable testing services for various web applications to help you roll out a quality solution.

Our Process

Make your products robust & reliable with our time-tested quality assurance services.

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Assessment Phase

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Project Planning
  • Defining the Scope
  • Activities for Testing

Testing Strategy

  • Identifying Testing Techniques
  • Outline Testing Process
  • Carrying Out Testing
  • Prompt Updates


  • Execute the Final Code
  • Compare Actual Results
  • Expectations Vs. Reality
  • Final Test Report

Our Technologies

QA and Testing Stages

UX and Quality Audit

During this particular stage, our software quality assurance team closely analyze the user interface of your software and list down ideas that allow you to make the user experience more pleasant and smoother for the end-users so that they can find value.

Performance Evaluation

The performance of your apps will be analyzed in various environments by our leading quality assurance analyst. And our analyst won’t just stop there. They will also check the stability and scalability of your app under different user loads to enhance its usefulness.

Compliance and Security Tests

With our dependable quality assurance services, you can find and fix the vulnerabilities and threats in your digital systems to relinquish all possible security risks. This way, you will stay safe and have the peace of mind that many global tech leaders badly crave for.

Software Maintenance

When you deploy your product, make sure it performs at the highest level. During the maintenance stage, the analytical team at our quality assurance company goes the extra mile to test all the changes in your digital assets so that they can sustain quality and capacity.

Code Review

When it comes to code reviews, our team carefully analyze the consistency and quality of code. It’s the best way to provide valid recommendations on what must be improved or changed. Else, your tech company continues to see invisible revenue bleed.

Validating Software

Software validation takes place once the development process comes to an end. It is conducted to ensure that the end product checks all the boxes and performs at the optimal level with all the necessary functions by assuring the highest possible quality.

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Client Stories

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Hexa Origin is an invaluable strategic partner for Seta Data. We 100% trust the software development company to deliver all for our business systems developments. The reliable and secure delivery of our digital products ensures quality services internally as well as to our clients.

We are more than delighted to work with Hexa Origin and hope to have other collaborative projects in the coming days. Their keen interest in our needs allowed us to reap numerous benefits. Thanks for being patient and helpful. We will vouch for you any day.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Hexa Origin Technologies. They provided us with a highly expert and motivated team of top engineering talent that has relentlessly delivered at every step of the way during the development stage. And now we are operating the platform without any hassle, thanks to their first-rate customer support.

With dependable technology partner like Hexa by our side, we can regularly release updates to our mobile and online services. Using our technology, the users can book appointments across numerous platforms in a matter of a few seconds. It has not only empowered our customers but also our business to release its end goals.

The combination of Hexa Origin Technologies and Nas-D is great for whatever we are trying to accomplish through our trading platform. Our brand new system has been amazing when it comes to UI UX design, functionality, and flawless performance. From placing offers to sealing the deal, the new end-to-end solution is simply supreme.

Hexa Origin’s impeccable understanding of our business objectives coupled with top web development services makes them an invaluable technology partner for BeFair. We truly appreciate their honest approach, which is reflected in all aspects, and really look forward to growing our partnership together by working on other collaborative projects.

Within a limited timeframe of less than a year, Hexa Origin IT solution company successfully integrated our marketplace with all the backend systems they have developed. Along with Hexa, we have built a highly scalable and flexibile platform that is in line with our growth plans throughout the world.

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