Privacy Policy

1-Why Are You Reading This Dogma?

This Privacy Policy sets out the online data protection practices of Hexa Origin Technologies, an international information technology company, along with its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively “Hexa Origin” or “we”). If you visit Hexa Origin’s Website at, and our relative subdomains (“Websites”), and if you contact Hexa Origin by sending an email, filling out the contact form on our Website, or applying for a job posted on our site, this policy explains why and what information will be collected about you by Hexa Origin. Furthermore, it explains how the information about you will be utilized, how you can control your personal info, and how to get in touch with us if necessary. Cookies are also discussed in this Policy. This Policy should be read attentively before using this Website. Your personal information will be processed only in accordance with this Policy. We do not consciously gather personal information from children under the age of 16, and our Websites are not directed at children under 16. The Terms of Use of this Website are incorporated in this Policy. Please keep reading this Policy from time to time as it might be updated in the future. For any questions or comments regarding this Policy, please get in touch with us at

2. What Does Hexa Origin Technologies Have to Do with Your Personal Info?

In appliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), Hexa Origin is both a controller and a processor of the personal info submitted through this Website and collected in other ways. Our role as a controller means we are responsible for deciding how to use and hold your personal information. Our recruitment processing is handled by none other than us. The submission of an online application on our Website constitutes your express and voluntary submission of your personal details, contact information, CV, and any other information you choose, and your agreement to the collection and processing of such information by Hexa Origin.

3. What Personal Information About You Do We Collect?

Unless otherwise specified in this Policy, we only collect data about you that is required for you to utilize the Website or contact us.

3.1 Information we gather from you

We receive your name, phone number, email address, communication content, and data associated with your communication when you connect with us via email or via the contact form. If you apply for a vacancy, we may collect personal data such as your full name, email address, phone number, location, or any other information that you include with your CV. In addition, you may choose to provide us with any other personal information, including that of a candidate for employment that you are referring to. From time to time, Hexa Origin also the receives personal data of individuals from third parties across the globe. This may happen if you disseminate your CV on the Internet on some job portals by giving them the consent to utilize and transmit your personal information, if someone recommends you for a vacancy, and in other similar instances. We propose you to review the privacy policies of all the third-party websites prior to providing your personal information to them.

3.2 Data we gather from your use of our Website(s)

When you visit our Website(s), we may gather the following data about you: info about your device(s), particularly the hardware model and the version of the OS (operating system) it uses; info about your visits to and use of our Website, including your browser type & version, geographical location, IP address, page views, Website navigation paths, and referral source; cookies. For further information on the cookies being used on our Website and how you can evade them, please read section 7 of this Policy.

4. Why Do We Process Your Private Information?

Our processing of your personal data will only be based on a legal basis. The legal basis for gathering and using your personal data will depend upon the purpose for which we obtained it. Your personal data may be processed for the following reasons: data about you has been collected with your consent legal obligations must be met it is legitimately in our business interest In more specific terms, the data that is submitted to us through this website, as well as the data we collect from you, from third parties or from public sources, will be used for the following purposes in accordance with the applicable legal basis:

4.1 Communications arising out of a legitimate interest in Hexa Origin. Section 1f GDPR:

Depending on how you connect us, we may need to process your personal data so that we may respond to your questions, arrange meetings, calls, or other communications with you. Hexa Origin representatives may record and store this communication in its corporate system.

4.2 Any marketing and public relations will be based on your consent. Section 1a GDPR:

we may use cookies to gather data about visitors to our website for business intelligence, conducting marketing research, analyzing the characteristics of this website’s visitors, adjusting our marketing communication to fit the detected trends, planning future marketing activities, preparing analytics and profiling for business intelligence, and targeting our advertising. you may receive our marketing materials if you are our subscriber. We process the information you provide to us to spread promotional materials, announce changes or additions to our services, send you electronic notifications, sending you our email newsletter.

4.3 Recruitment
a) With your consent. Section 1a GDPR:

if you are a likely employee, we may process your private data to help you with ongoing or later work or cooperation with Hexa Origin to enable you to submit your CV, apply for vacancies online or show interest in relocation.

b) Legitimate interest of Hexa Origin. Section f GDPR:

in certain cases, and only upon a client’s request, we may display your resume to a prospective client for business engagement or to an existing client to affirm the high level of skills of our staff members that are providing the services. Also, to meet its compliance demands, our client may require us to check your biography closely before providing you with a grant to its protected data and facilities. Hence, we may ask you to provide us with more detailed information, such as work permission, tax number, criminal background, citizenship, and other background checks desired by specific clients to provide you with access to clients’ premises and systems.

4.4 Business relations out of a legitimate interest in Hexa Origin. Section 1f GDPR:

if you represent one of our potential or existing clients, business partner, or vendor, we may process your personal info to organize the processing, approval, and signing of agreements, invoices, acts, and other contract documents; to promote our services, new products, and other works; to affirm the high level of our services and works; to invite you to the events and meetings or arrange them; to conform to industry standards, regulators’ requirements, economic sanctions and export control list screening, and additional requirements related to fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, and anti-corruption.

4.5  Section 1c GDPR: Corporate & investor relations based on Hexa Origin compliance obligations:
  • if you are a potential or existing director or top manager of Hexa Origin, we may process your private data in order to organize your participation in events, corporate meetings, business trips, to cover related expenses, to pay your remuneration, to maintain our corporate records, to execute auditor’s requests, to make obligatory public disclosures and reports, to present Hexa Origin and its management during the sale process and to carry out other legal obligations. Also, we may share this data within Hexa Origin in order to provide some of this data to banks, legal advisors, and notary, and payroll agencies to open a bank account or other accounts;
  • if you are a potential or current affiliate of Hexa Origin, we may leverage your personal information to organize your participation in events and corporate meetings, to support you in the execution of your rights, to provide you with the meetings’ materials and our reports, to execute auditor’s requests, to make obligatory public disclosures and reports, and to perform other legal obligations, including disclosure of beneficiaries and anti-money laundering requirements.
4.6  Section 1f GDPR: Security based on Hexa Origin’s legitimate interest:
  • if you visit this website, we may leverage your private data to keep this website secure, avert fraud, protect the rights & interests of Hexa Origin and third parties. In brief, we have the right to protect our Intellectual Property;
  • if you visit our office, we may utilize your personal information to monitor your physical access to ensure 100% security in our office and avert, detect, and investigate any crime, incident, misconduct, or accident.

5-How Can We Utilize Your Private Information?

Your data may be processed by way of gathering, recording, organizing, using, storing, structuring, altering, consulting, retrieving, combining, or erasing.

Additionally, as Hexa Origin is an international company, we may show your data by dissemination, transmission or otherwise making it available. As far as permitted by applicable data protection laws are concerned, your private information may be moved between various locations of Hexa Origin and therefore processed in and outside of it, depending on the sense of processing. Such processing and transfer are possible only when necessary for the purposes cited in this Policy and within the bounds of the real interest of Hexa Origin.

We may disclose your private information to some of our clients for corporate interactions or to affirm our staff members’ high level of skills to agencies, auditors, supervisory authorities, or other third-party service providers on a “need to know basis” to perform our legal obligations.

We may also reveal your private data:
  • to the extent that the law authorizes us;
  • in relation to any potential or ongoing legal proceedings;
  • to establish or defend our legal rights, including providing data to others to reduce credit risk and fraud prevention.

6-How Can You Gain Control of Your Private Data?

You have the right to:

  • Seek information about whether we are holding any personal information about you, and, if so, what that data is and why we are using or storing it.
  • Ask for access to your private information. This empowers you to receive a copy of the confidential information to ensure that we are legally processing it.
  • Ask for correction of the private information that we hold. This allows you to have any inaccurate or incomplete data that we have about you corrected.
  • Request removal of your private data. This empowers you to ask us to erase private data when there is no good reason for us to continue processing or using it. Also, you hold the right to ask us to erase your personal information where you have an objection to processing your data (see below).
  • If we are reliant on a legitimate interest (or that of a third party) and there is something about your unique situation that causes you to object to processing on this basis, you may frown on the processing of your personal information. If we are using your personal information for direct marketing, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.
  • Object to any automated decision-making by us using your personal information or profiling, such as being subject to automated decision-making by us.
  • Request that your personal information is restricted from processing. If you want us to determine its accuracy or the reason for processing it, you can ask us to suspend our processing of personal information about you.
  • You may request that your personal information be transferred to you in an electronic format in a structured format. We can provide your data to you in an electronically readable format, and you can also provide your data in an electronically readable format to another party.
  • Opt-out of data collection. A person can revoke their consent at any time for the specific purpose of collecting, storing, processing and transferring their personal information. We will cease to apply your information to the purpose or purposes you initially agreed to once we get notification that you have withdrawn your consent unless we have another legal basis for doing so. If consent is withdrawn, the lawfulness of the preceding processing will not be affected.

Please contact us at if you wish to exercise any of these rights. The request-response time is one month.

Occasionally, we may need to collect specific information from you to verify your identity and to make sure you have the right to access the information—an additional security measure to prevent the disclosure of personal information to individuals without consent.

To verify your identity, we may request certain information from you so that we can verify.

7- Personal Info Obtained from Your Use of Hexa Origin’s Website:

The following private information may be collected when will you visit our website:

  • Your full name
  • Your email
  • Your phone number
  • Your job title
  • Your company name
  • Company location
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • What website or websites referred you to our portal
  • Whether any marketing material is downloaded by you from our website

8-How is Your Personal Data Retained?

To protect your personal info that we transmit, store, or otherwise process, we take appropriate technical and physical security measures to prevent the destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, or unauthorized access to such data.

In addition to Hexa Origin’s own servers, Hexa Origin engages cloud-based database management services to store personal data securely.

If your personal information is being processed for a particular goal, we will not hold it longer than is necessary. To have an idea about the appropriate retention period of your personal data, we consider the nature, sensitivity, and amount of the private information, the purposes for which we proceed with it and whether we can attain those purposes through other means. We must also keep in mind the number of periods for which we might need to keep your personal information to meet our legal obligations, queries and to protect our natural rights in case a claim is being made. When there is no need for your personal information, we will securely destroy it.

We will keep your data and documents, such as electronic documents:

  • as we are bound by the law to do so.
  • if the data is pertinent to any prospective or ongoing legal proceedings, and
  • in order to exercise, defend, or establish our legal rights, such as providing data to others to prevent fraud and reduce credit default.

9-What Are Cookies and How Does Hexa Origin Utilize Them?

When you visit the Hexa Origin website(s), Hexa Origin may use cookies and similar analytical codes to gather information from your device, browser or the webpage you are viewing in a bid to elevate or personalize your experience, improve, and secure, understand usage patterns and provide the Hexa Origin website(s). Here cookies mean computer files made up of text. Cookies usually do not contain any data that personally identifies anybody, but private information that we retain about you may be linked to the data obtained from cookies.

Our websites use different types of Cookies for various reasons, as follows:

  • Functional cookies enable us to move around the Hexa Origin website(s) and utilize their features. These Cookies ensure you can see the website(s) and use them in a proper way. They also give visitors access to secured parts of the Hexa Origin website(s). For instance, functional cookies: wp-settings-X, SID, PHPSESSID, wp-settings-time-X, etc.
  • Analytical cookies and other cookies help Hexa Origin improve the website, gather anonymous data about how visitors view or use our websites, gather info about the most visited pages and inform us whether and how many bug reports were displayed. For instance, analytical cookies: _ga, _gid, 1_P JAR, etc.
  • Third-party cookies help third parties track and manage the effectiveness of, for instance, their ads, websites, number of visitors. More info on these Cookies can be found on the relevant third party’s websites. For instance, third-party cookies like sb, fr, bcookie, spin, wd, xs, etc.
  • Depending on how long they are valid, the Cookies on the Hexa Origin website(s) may be either session cookies or persistent cookies: a session cookie expires as soon as the user session ends when the web browser is closed; a persistent cookie, on the other hand, is stored by a web browser and it remains valid until its expiry date or deleted by the user prior to its expiry date. If you wish to learn more about the cookies we utilize, please contact us.
  • You can fine-tune your browser settings to erase some of our cookies or cookies set by third parties. You may also regulate your browser settings to avert websites from setting cookies or third-party cookies altogether. If you keep us from setting certain cookies, you may find that specific parts of the website or some functions are not available to you. Figure out how to regulate the settings of different browsers:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

10-Where is Your Private Data Processed?

Your private info may be processed in the United States of America and or may be transferred to the PK or EU- all entities following on the GDPR policies. Nonetheless, your personal information will always be safe and secure under GDPR protection, no matter where it is processed. Such transfers and processing only take place when it is reasonably necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy and lies within the scope of the legitimate interest of Hexa Origin, bound by contractual clauses so your personal information does not fall outside the scope of the GDPR.

11-Do You Have Any Queries or Concerns?

If you would like to know about something pertaining to this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at any time.