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Should you Build your Dedicated Software Team Offshore?

Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

Building a well-rounded dedicated software team is tough, especially in the West. Hiring a local development team is quite arduous for most companies because of the significant shortage of tech talent and high salaries.

But what are the alternatives? Surely outsourcing is one option. But is it really a sustainable practice? Most likely, when you outsource your software development, you’re going to get a hastily put-together team for a one-off project. But then what?

Another option is to build a dedicated offshore development team in an emerging tech nation. But how will you prove it’s a good move and the right time for your business? Is it possible to get real and tangible results from offshore development?

We’ve put together a simple checklist that will assist you in answering these questions. Mind you, going offshore can be extremely beneficial for your business if your answers to the following questions are ‘yes’.

  • Having Trouble Finding Local Talent?

No matter whether it’s about developing a new product/service or increasing the scope of your current development efforts, you need the right engineers.

In other words, this means professionals who are experts in their fields. When you can’t find these people locally, hiring a well-rounded dedicated software team is your best bet. It’s slaving work to find and recruit quality local developers. A whopping 69% of companies worldwide report talent shortages, a percentage that is 15-year-high in the 2021 ManpowerGroup Survey.

And it doesn’t end here…

Even if you end up hiring the right individual for the job, the odds are that they’re less likely to stick around for a long time. Given the current rate of attrition, it’s only a question of timing before you get to start the recruitment process once again. The outcome? Your software development project will suffer a huge setback. As a result, you will struggle to deliver software on time. Resultantly, your business can suffer losses.

  • Does your Existing Software Team lack Skills? 

According to SHRM research, 75% of Human Resource professionals are of the view that there is a lack of skills in candidates for job vacancies. More than 50% of the survey respondents even said that the skills shortage has only worsened in their companies in the past two years.   

Here’s a simple example, let’s imagine that you are trying to develop a d new and innovative software solution that excites you. But to make sure your digital solution passes all the quality checks and proves to be the most reliable product on the market, you require the services of the best quality assurance experts in the industry. Sadly, your existing development team does not have the desired skills to help you. 

To fill the vacancy, you need at least a few weeks, or maybe months, because it takes a lot of time and effort to find a quality resource. This can certainly increase workload. 

Does this scenario sound familiar? If you’re nodding in agreement, then it’s time for you to think about supplementing your in-house team with a dedicated software team of QAs who have the skill set that can help you scale your business swiftly. 

  • Are you Paying Exorbitant Salaries to Local Devs? 

When building a software development team, you want to hire the best. This bounds you to call only the most seasoned software professionals because you are not willing to compromise on the proficiency level of the coders you want to hire. 

Unfortunately, developers of this ability are likely to be very expensive in your region since their rates are on the higher side. Hence, they don’t fit your budget.  

Thereby, if you still want to build a team of local developers, be ready to bear the cost of hefty packages. Again, outsourcing your software development projects to third-party vendors located in cost-effective destinations would prove a more viable option. But then the question of sustainability arises. 

  • Are you Struggling to Scale Fast? 

When it comes to building software solutions, time is money. With tech startups mushrooming like never before and innovation is at an all-time peak, the completion time is extremely important. If you fail to launch your quality software before your rivals, it will be tough for you to stay afloat. 

Your competition is at it, and if you fail to get ahead of them in this race, you need to build an offshore dedicated software team to back you up. 

Sure, you will find many who say we have a dedicated team but forming one is easier said than done.

Considering the talent and skill shortages along with steep prices, it’s a long, long process to find the right offshore development team. And when you know that it will take longer to build a team of capable software developers than actually building the end product, it means you have a grave problem. 

  • Do you Wear Many Hats at Job?     

What does your typical workday routine look like? Do you have to juggle between different roles like administrative tasks, recruitment, and payroll? It makes sense only if you are heading recruitment or even administration. 

But what if you are the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and instead of working with the development team, you are handling administrative tasks? Technically, you are multi-tasking, but you don’t have the luxury of time, and exerting your efforts in the wrong endeavors would only lead to poor productivity and missed deadlines. 

If the answer to all the aforementioned questions is a resounding yes, you clearly need to build a dedicated software team offshore. And Hexa Origin team can certainly help you with this because local talent won’t prove favorable for your business. It would certainly help if you go offshore to build a well-rounded team of software developers.   

Why Should You Go Offshore to Build a Software Team? 

Firstly, let’s discuss talent. There is tremendous pressure on executives and human resources to find the best talent at the best price with the right set of skills in the West. Offshoring to an emerging tech nation that has a huge crop of skilled software developers means you can instantly access educated, successful, and qualified candidates who have the skills to scale your business quickly. 

Most of all, the lower cost of living in such countries compared to the West makes them more ideal for hiring software developers since it will significantly reduce your development costs than in countries like the USA, UK, EU, or Canada. 

So not only can you hire exceptionally gifted developers, but you also make great savings during the process.