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DevOps Development Company: Everything You Want to Know to Get Started

Monday, April 4th, 2022

Do WhatsApp, Slack, Github, Groove, Opera, Google, Skype have anything in common? 

In addition to being successful multimillion-dollar companies, all of them have utilized IT outsourcing services from remote workers or offshore partners. Even today, some of them depend on third-party providers to complete certain tasks.

A DevOps development company is a perfect solution for software teams that lack the expertise or time to manage a complicated application infrastructure but need it immediately. As a result, your best employees can focus on what is strategically important for your business.

However, if you have more than 150 employees, your business infrastructure is more likely to be complex. In this case, it’s better to build an internal team of DevOps engineers.

The following is what you’ll receive when you opt for DevOps solutions and services if you don’t need to hire an in-house team to handle your DevOps needs.

DevOps Development Company – What you can Expect?

With the right DevOps partner, you can achieve improved profitability and a faster time to market.

The first task of an outsourced engineer is to implement DevOps principles. The DevOps services can be customized to every client’s specific needs, for example:

  • Consultations and implementation of cloud services.
  • Automating production and development environments.
  • Developing comprehensive disaster recovery plans.
  • Migrating your application infrastructure to the cloud or migrating from one cloud to another.
  • Building apps, dockerizing, etc.

It is only a tiny part of what a DevOps engineer can do. Every project is different, so the customer and the DevOps development company should discuss the scope of work and responsibilities on a case-by-case basis.

Here’s what you will get from this partnership by default:

  • Instant Access to Top Talent

It will cost you an arm and a leg to hire an experienced DevOps professional. The average salary of a DevOps Engineer in the USA is around $105,000 per year. In comparison, a qualified DevOps expert in Asia earns less than $39K per year.

It is challenging to hire a DevOps engineer for nearly half of the recruiters. According to LinkedIn, there are more than 73 thousand open DevOps jobs in the US alone. Additionally, there are 41 thousand DevOps engineers who already have stable jobs.

Startups consider outsourcing their DevOps responsibilities for a number of reasons, including the lack of local specialists and the increasing salaries. DevOps development companies have a well-established recruitment process to provide you with the most experienced personnel.

In addition, they have access to an international talent pool.

  • Swift Delivery and Better Product

DevOps specialists typically work in companies that embody the DevOps culture. These teams are more innovative, cross-functional and productive. An experienced and well-coordinated team shortens the development cycle, speeds up recovery from failure, and allows for faster time-to-market.

Continuous monitoring, continuous testing, and automation are all provided by a DevOps team, which leads to a more robust product and better quality of your production code.

The Skyen project is a good example of Hexa Origin DevOps solutions. A SaaS member management system was built by our team for a Norwegian association. Initially, we used the LAMP stack for this project. Our DevOps engineers developed a microservice architecture with minimal code changes for the project.

Kubernetes and infrastructure as a code have helped us lower business expenses on dynamic workloads (operations that require a large amount of computation for a short period). Furthermore, our DevOps team was instrumental in reducing operational costs, enhancing development efficiency, minimizing bugs, and decreasing downtime.

  • Lowers Risks and Project Costs

An internal DevOps engineer often costs an organization a lot of time and money through trial and error.

A remote team of DevOps, on the other hand, is usually already busy handling a large number of projects for different companies. Such teams are always looking to complete more projects because the more experience they get, the better they will serve clients. However, an inexperienced team may not be aware of tools and approaches that work best for a particular project.

The potential risks of outsourcing DevOps can be foreknown. Most importantly, you can share your apprehensions with the potential DevOps development company. With enough homework, DevOps services can be just as safe and beneficial for a business as an internal team. 

Overall, DevOps outsourcing can immediately allow you to get a hold of rare specialists with hands-on experience of multiple infrastructures and project types. It can drastically lower your operational and staffing costs. Lastly, it can serve as a catalyst for removing organizational silos and transforming your business into a more agile environment.

How to Begin DevOps Outsourcing? (Process we use at Hexa Origin Technologies)

At Hexa Origin, DevOps services are a vital part of the service spectrum. To prove that delegating your DevOps tasks to a professional vendor is not that big of a deal, here’s a glimpse of our collaborative process with clients:

  • First Phase: Close Analysis and Suggestions

We closely examine your IT infrastructure’s current state, pain points, and quality of DevOps implementation.

Based on our analysis, we create a roadmap and suggest some tools and processes to automate deployment cycles throughout the delivery infrastructure. Our analysis also reflects the number of resources required to meet your demands: it could be just one DevOps engineer for support or quite possibly a team of dedicated full-time DevOps specialists.

  • Second Phase: Signing the Contract

Along with the client, we establish the scope of work and terms, figure out each party’s responsibilities, chart out a communication plan, and verify our arrangements by signing a contract.

  • Third Phase: Start Working on Your Project 

As part of our DevOps stack, we assign a DevOps engineer (or a team of specialists). The goal is to aid the client in their project and solve all issues described in the contract.

In order for an automated deployment process to work flawlessly, we support your development team. Every time a developer or other member of the customer’s team needs help, the DevOps engineer contacts them.

This person can be contacted whenever there are issues, changes, or improvements to discuss. Furthermore, we provide quarterly status reports and monthly meetings dedicated to planning and improving our processes.


US businesses can access rare talent at affordable rates using DevOps development companies. Moreover, these companies offer all of the benefits associated with the DevOps approach – fewer product defects, faster time to market, less maintenance, and operational costs – without having to build all the processes from scratch.

Hexa Origin Technologies DevOps solutions have been in demand since its inception. Over the years, our engineers have developed a combination of processes, tools, and approaches that consistently meet our clients’ needs.

If you need DevOps professional services (a consultant or a team of experienced engineers) to help you with your project, you can always count on Hexa Origin

Simply fill the form on our site, and we will arrange a no-obligation consultation with one of our DevOps experts. Or you can drop us a line or shoot an email, and we will make sure you will get a quick response regarding our DevOps solutions and services.

Please do not hesitate, we are just a few taps.