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Top Trends a Full Stack Developer Must Follow in 2022 and Beyond

Thursday, March 31st, 2022

The software world is rapidly evolving, and as a full stack developer you need to keep a close eye on the emerging full stack web development trends. Else, it will be tough for you to grow with the industry’s needs in 2022 and beyond.   

The same holds true for a full stack web development company that wants to stay at the forefront of markets by equipping itself with the latest trends and technologies. But before we jump on to the list of the latest full stack trends, let us first tell you:

What Exactly Does a Full Stack Developer Do?

A full stack developer works on the frontend as well as on the backend technologies. Capable full stack developers have great skills in various coding niches, ranging from databases to designing and UI/UX management. It allows them to do their job well. 

Having a full stack developer not only saves you money but also greatly increases productivity as the coder can work on his own without depending on anyone. Moreover, they are ready to assist you wherever you need them during the development process. 

Following are some of the responsibilities of a professional full stack developer:

  1. Designing and developing software.
  2. Testing and debugging to keep software optimized. 
  3. Neatly write code for the frontend and backend.
  4. Designing user interactions for web applications. 
  5. Creating databases and servers for the backend. 
  6. Assuring cross-platform optimization and compatibility. 
  7. Maintaining and testing the responsive design of apps. 
  8. Collaborate with UI/UX designer to create new features. 
  9. Create RESTful services and APIs.
  10. Stay abreast of technological advancements to optimize software.  
  11. Consider security, scalability, and more when developing.  

When Do You Need a Full Stack Developer?

Well, it largely depends on the project scope. For example, if you are a small team of game developers who needs to create a small simulator, you could use a full stack developer. How? The project requires you to have one frontend developer and one backend developer. So instead of hiring two developers, you can engage one full stack developer to handle the entire development. 

Similarly, you can use the coder for a large web app with the potential for scaling because it requires you to get as many hands on deck as possible — frontend, backend, and full stack development.     

However, unlike any other field, the dynamic nature of the full stack development bound developers to keep themselves updated with the modern technologies and various programming languages such as MERN, MEAN, MAMP, and LAMP. 

So without further ado let’s check out the top trends in full stack development:

Top Trend 1 # Low Code Development  

As the number of apps and users is growing incessantly, low code development is becoming more popular among full stack web development companies. The preferable factor is, of course, the low volume of code. Wondering how it helps? It ensures the fastest delivery of applications since they do not require much coding. Experts are of the view that by 2024, 65 percent of mobile applications will be built on low-code platforms. 

Top Trend 2 # Artificial Intelligence 

Ever since the pandemic hit the earth, many organizations have started adopting Artificial Intelligence. The latest statistics show that about 70 percent of enterprises have embraced artificial intelligence in one form or another during the pandemic compared to 60 percent during the pre-COVID era. 

Keeping this in mind, one can clearly see that artificial intelligence will be among the most enticing trends in 2022 and beyond. But what’s the role of a full stack developer in artificial intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence help businesses automate several procedures that reduce a lot of time and effort spent in communication, hiring, etc. But to build an effective artificial model that imitates human skills requires you to have some solid skills in big data, UI design, and software engineering. That’s where a full stack developer comes into play. 

However, finding and hiring a skillful developer is a time-consuming and expensive process. In contrast, a full stack web development company can help you quickly onboard a skilled full stack dev. The one-man army will boost cost-effectiveness and work efficiency to allow you to build a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence model quickly. 

Top Trend 3 # Evolving Programming Languages 

With time, several programming languages have gone obsolete. As a full stack developer, your top priority in 2022 should be to learn more than one programming language. Invest your time and money to learn new concepts and programming languages. It will hone your skills and make you an elite developer in your league.   

Remember, the programming language you use will directly impact the app you intend to develop. The programming language you choose to build an app must be compatible with native and hybrid apps. It will ensure there will be no disengagement later. 

While most full stack developers love working with JavaScript owing to its versatility, one can’t ignore other popular languages such as Node JS and Angular. These are among the most popular frameworks and libraries that are now frequently used by full stack developers. 

Top Trend 4 # Blockchain Technology 

By tracking and tracing every transaction ever made, Blockchain technology has revolutionized how we conduct banking transactions. It’s an immutable ledger that is transparent, fast, and secure. Its potential extends beyond banking to industries such as healthcare and insurance.

Businesses are becoming more dependent on information, and blockchain technology makes it easier to deliver information in a way that’s only accessible to those with authorization. Payments, production, transactions, and much more can be tracked optimally and cost-effectively. A blockchain project must have a full stack developer as he or she will securely build it without interdependencies.

Top Trend 5 # Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things simply refers to the amalgamation of various technologies and devices that connect to the internet. Thus, it refers to objects connected to sensors and technologies in such a way that they can communicate and exchange data with other devices over the internet.

According to reports, there are 31 billion IoT devices globally, up from 7 billion in 2018. With the advancement in technology, IoT is swiftly taking over our lives. An IoT full stack developer can play a crucial role in this by combining his frontend (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and backend (Python, Java) knowledge of technologies.

Top Trend 6 # Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Progressive web applications (PWAs) are hybrid web and mobile apps, which makes them different from traditional web applications. The software is designed to work on mobile and web platforms without the need to build separate sites and apps.

In simple terms, these are optimized web pages for the web, mobile devices, and various browsers. However, due to the high demand for Progressive Web Applications, Full Stack Developers are also in great demand.

Full stack development falls among high paying professions. Several reports suggest that the average salary of a full stack developer is about $108k per year. On the other hand, freshers can expect to start out at a salary of about $60-80k per year. Thus, you can see full stack development is profitable and has the potential to lead you to a successful career.